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July 2014

Dog Bite Claims in the United States on the Rise

While many of us welcome our furry family friends into our homes with nothing but love and unconditional attention, there are many dog owners who fail to properly train their dogs which result in tragic outcomes. Many are unaware of

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4 Steps in Determining the Age of Your Tires

Many of us only have our cars worked on when something feels different or a notification lights up on our dashboard. Although we rarely think about them, tires are probably the most important part of a car. They make transportation

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4 Tips To Protect Your Online Privacy

Our heavy technological dependence has created an increased need for protecting our private information. Nearly all of us post on social media and other websites personal information that we wouldn’t want anyone but our “friends” to have access to. While

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What To Do If Your Tesla Runs Out Of Juice

Do you have the luxury of traveling or experiencing your daily commute in a new Tesla Model S? Have you been considering purchasing a Tesla Model S but are debating due to mixed reviews? A few Tesla owners have “run

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Living large: The market for super luxury homes

As seen on CBSNews: The number of billionaires is expected to increase in the next decade – and so are market prices for ultra-high-end residences. Anthony Mason reports: When the Woolworth skyscraper opened in lower Manhattan just over a century

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Are Wealthy People Less Ethical?

As seen on ABC News: Pity the rich. They drive their expensive cars with little respect for the law, they break the rules thinking they won’t have to face the consequences, and they even take candy from children. Their unethical

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‘Exceptional’ 122.5 Carat Blue Diamond Unearthed

A rare 122.5 carat blue diamond, which could be the most valuable ever found, has been unearthed at Cullinan mine in South Africa. The mine is owned by a London-based company Petra Diamonds Limited. In the photo, CEO Johan Dippenaar

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Mop-up starts on San Diego County fires as weather cools

As seen on LATimes: Firefighters began mop-up operations Saturday on the Cocos fire in San Marcos that destroyed up to 12 homes this week and numerous buildings at a spiritual retreat center, Cal Fire officials said. Even as it fought

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Calabasas House Burns After Runaway Car Hits Gas Meter

As seen on KTLA5: A silver Toyota sedan, possibly a Prius, appeared to be charred in the front yard of the two-story home, in the 23100 block of Park Contessa (map), aerial video showed. Firefighters could be seen cutting a

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Bad Dog: 4.5M Bitten by Canines Each Year

Source ABC News: Man’s best friend can be menacing and unpredictable, as 4.5 million Americans find out painfully each year. This week diverse groups, from the Postal Service to the American Humane Association, are raising awareness about dog bites. According

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