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October 2014

Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Insurance Premium Down

Homeowners insurance is extremely useful to have in case of emergencies, but when an emergency does happen and you have to file a claim, it can be a nightmare to your wallet! One claim, regardless of the size, can raise

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East Coast, Gulf Coast should get used to tidal floods

As seen on CNN: Two years ago next week, Superstorm Sandy barreled through parts of the United States, causing $65 billion worth of damage to communities up and down the Eastern seaboard. Sandy, which brought extensive flooding to New York

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Is Standard Minimum Auto Liability Coverage Enough?

Upon purchasing auto insurance, your insurance agent will likely explain to you that you are required to purchase that standard minimum liability coverage. When they ask you if you would like to purchase additional liability coverage, they are not doing

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Poll: Many unaware that basic homeowner insurance skips mold, quakes

As seen on The LA Times: Many Americans are confused about the basic elements of homeowner insurance policies, according to a new study. More than four in 10 people wrongly think that the policies cover mold damage and 73% don’t

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Very few companies offer unlimited vacation days, but these do

As seen on CNN Money: On Wednesday, the billionaire business mogul announced Virgin Group employees can take as much vacation days as they need. But according to a June survey from the Society of Human Resource Management, less than 1%

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Scheduling Valuables on your Homeowners Policy

There are an overwhelming number of homeowners who believe that their expensive personal belongings receive coverage under their homeowners’ insurance policy. In fact, your homeowners’ insurance policy likely specifically excludes such items. These items may include the family heirlooms your

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Sections of the San Andreas Fault overdue for major earthquakes

As seen on CBS News: Four urban areas of the San Andreas Fault System in Northern California have accumulated a sufficient amount of energy to produce major earthquakes, a new study finds. Scientists say the region appears to be overdue

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5 secrets to save your teen on car insurance

As seen on Fortune: Experts say many people aren’t taking advantage of steps to ease the costs of car insurance when their teens get behind the wheel. If you’re anything like me, you anticipated the birthday at which your teen

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Extra Coverage Options for Homeowners Insurance

The amount of homeowners who do not understand what is covered under their homeowners’ insurance policy is overwhelming. While you may know the basic coverage options, gathered are a few extra coverage options that many homeowners have never thought about:

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Buyers should look for signs that a home hasn’t been well-maintained

As seen on The LA Times: To hear professional home inspectors tell it, Americans take better care of their automobiles than their homes. Consequently, every home buyer should plan to spend the $400 to $600 necessary to have the house

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