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Five Tips for Collecting Wine

You’ve found the space, purchased some expensive bottles of wine and now it’s time to really start collecting.    Here are five tips for becoming a true collector.  Start slowly. Don’t buy too much of one bottle of wine. Your taste will evolve. Buy two bottles at a time. One

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Device helps thieves steal cars, study shows

A device developed by engineers for manufacturers to test the vulnerability of vehicle systems is allowing thieves to steal cars that use key fobs. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) says the boxy device, about the size of a smartphone, captures a signal from a nearby key fob then uses

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How homeowners can save on their premiums

If you haven’t looked at your homeowners insurance policy lately you’re not alone. Just over half (56%) of the respondents in a recent Travelers Co. survey said they check their homeowners’ policy at least once a year. That means many people are “missing out on ways to save,” Angi Orbann,

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Do college students need renters insurance?

Near the bottom of things on college students minds is insurance. But students who are living off-campus in a rented apartment, condo or house need to think about renters insurance. Most students living off-campus have thousands of dollars worth of electronics, furniture and other personal belongings which are not covered by your

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Choosing which road to travel could factor into your car insurance

Most drivers don’t give much thought about the roads they take, but that route could potentially add dollars to your auto insurance. Big insurers including Allstate, State Farm and Travelers are pushing for trip-based insurance rates, which will charge customers based on the riskiness of each trip they take. Using tracking

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Government moves to protect cars against cyber attacks

New guidelines have been issued for automakers and developers seeking to protect the computers that control vehicles.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggested a series of protections to prevent a vehicle from misbehaving even when it is hacked, according to the Washington Post.  “If a cyberattack is detected, the safety risk to vehicle

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Your ATM is the newest target for cyberthieves

Cyberthieves have a new target to get at your money: ATMs. The automated teller machine is getting a security upgrade to accept debit and credit cards with security chips, like the check-out lines, but the slow transition is an opportunity for cyberthieves. The number of ATMs compromised by criminals jumped

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