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February 2015

Chilly Day? Don’t Leave Your Car Idling!

Car Thieves Targeting Idling Cars During The Winter Months For anyone that lives in the cold, the temptation to leave your car idling when running quick errands often overwhelms your logical instincts. There is no harm in leaving my car

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Top 4 Hurricane Preparation Myths

Safeguarding Your Home Against Hurricane Damages Unfortunately, hurricane preparedness has almost gone completely out the door with the accumulation of preparedness myths. Rather than remaining misinformed, keep in mind the top 4 hurricane preparation myths: Myth:Hurricane evacuations are determined by

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Advantages of an Independent Insurance Agent

Independent Vs. Captive Insurance Agencies When it comes to protecting your most prized possessions, you will need to choose which company to hold your insurance policies with. This means making the decision of utilizing an independent insurance agent or a

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Healthy Heart Tips for American Heart Month

Did You Know That February Is American Heart Month? February is American Heart Month, which means the American Heart Association is joining forces with companies around the country to inform you of some vital heart healthy tips. The only way

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What Is An SR-22?

Understanding SR-22 Requirements Unless you need one, you likely do not know the answer to the question, “What is an SR-22?” An SR-22 is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility and acts as verification that you are continuously holding the minimum

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